Session Notes

What if there are two sessions you want to attend but they take place at the same time?  This is where have a session note-taker is important.  Make sure in each session there is someone that can take notes in the linked Google Folder so those who are unable to attend, can still participate in the session.  And if there’s more than one note-taker per session, that’s ok too!

Please do the following to make the notes easy to find:

  • Draft the notes in the correct folder (there is one for each session time)
  • Include your name as note-taker and a way to contact you – Twitter, email, etc., Vanessa Alander @vjalander1
  • Save the Google Doc as the name of the session – Contract Negotiations 101
  • Include the Facilitator’s name – Vanessa Alander

Don’t worry about getting the notes perfect or about missing something or the fact that there are typos.  We will all forgive you.  Getting the information out in a format that can be accessed later is what’s important.


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