How do I propose a session?

Simply fill out the “reply” box below (you might need to create an account to do so) and post your idea for a session right on this page. On the day of the unconference morning, all NECUnited Camp participants will consider these proposals while suggesting additional ideas. After that, we will figure out how best to put those ideas into sessions, and sessions into a schedule.

Remember that you will be expected to facilitate the sessions you propose, help begin the discussion, keep the discussion going, and end the discussion when it is time to start a new session.  Also, it is not intended to be a ‘paper session.’

What do I propose?

There are roughly four things people do in unconference sessions: Talk, Make, Teach, and Play. Sometimes one session contains elements of all these, but it’s also a fair taxonomy for unconference sessions. In a Talk session proposal, you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest to you. In a Make session proposal, you offer to lead a small group in a hands-on collaborative working session with the aim of producing a draft document or piece of software or something else that is material. In a Teach session, you offer to teach a skill, either a “hard” skill or a “soft” skill. In a Play session, anything goes — you suggest literally playing a game, or playing around as a group with one or more technologies, or just doing something fun or original.


The really cool part of an un-conference model is that you, the camper/participant gets to vote in two ways regarding what sessions are ultimately scheduled.

  1. Morning Voting Sessions – You will have a chance to vote for four sessions that you would like to attend once we have them all listed.  The sessions with the most votes will be scheduled.  Don’t worry if a session you really wanted to attend doesn’t make it on the schedule.  Make a point to remember who proposed it, and eat lunch with them, have a convo in the hall.
  2. Voting with your Feet – Don’t be afraid/embarrassed/feel bad if you attend a session and it’s not what you thought it was about.  You can vote with your feet which simply means to leave the session and find another.  No one will be offended.  Promise.

Call to Action:

[Will be added by the beginning of June]


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